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Dragonfly House


Dragonfly House began as a dream in 2002. It began ten years ago when a close friend invited me to come with her and enjoy the experience of Southern Faire. And in this experience I reawakened my passion for history.In this length of time I have ventured into creating Renaissance wear for myself and my friends and family and the local community.

Since then I have expanded into creating historical clothing of different eras of history. Originating Historical clothing has been both inspiring and a challenge. In October of 2003 I opened Dragonfly House Historical Clothiers as a business.I produce and innovate these styles for my growing Historical and piratical line.

In the near future I plan to implement a line of Colonial and Victorian clothing. I have begun my Western line. My love of sewing first began as a child, watching and learning from my grandmother sew and create clothing for the many collector dolls of all sizes she had on display in her home. This love for sewing was instilled over many years and the love has only grown into these lovely creations. All this interest has prompted me to construct and devise the business I have today.

I am married for eighteen years, I have the greatest daughter in the world, my Farrah. My family shares in my interest in the historical lifestyle.

Hazel Fales
Proprietor of Dragonfly House Historical Clothiers